What is proofreading?

Most people have trouble differentiating between editing and proofreading. While they are similar in that they both are based on catching errors, proofreading is a more technical, meticulous form of editing and is often done on the final draft of any written material, whether a galley proof of typeset text, a PDF of a restaurant menu, or an advertisement.


Do I need a proofreader if I have an editor?

Yes. Always, always hire someone to proofread your work before it is finished. A proofreader is essential to catch any final mistakes and also spot any inconsistencies in the piece. It is our recommendation to have three separate people involved in any writing task: the writer, the editor, and the proofreader. This way, there are three sets of eyes on the work, and the more eyes on it, the better it will be.

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Proofreading is typically priced per word on longer projects such as books, but for shorter projects such as restaurant menu proofreading or advertisement proofreading, we charge by the hour.