Whether you need a proofread, copy edit, line edit, or developmental edit, we offer all levels of editing based on your manuscript's needs and budget.

Cover Design

Allow us to create a custom cover for your book, formatted for print (hardcover and paperback) and ebook distribution.


Using InDesign, we can typeset your book for hardcover, paperback, and ebook distribution.

Finding quality freelancers is difficult.

We know. Rabbit and Leo is the solution: matching companies and individuals with an experienced writer and editor for short-term and long-term projects.

Don't look any further searching for freelance editors and writers on bidding websites devaluing your hard work by sending it to the lowest bidder who's ready to push work out quickly so they get on to the next project. Trust your words with an attentive partner who truly cares about your success and positive results.

Rabbit & Leo has worked directly with companies and through third party referral services. Let us know how we can help you succeed and give you that content, perfected.


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Rabbit & Leo provides a personalized analysis of any project, large or small. Get in touch with a brief overview of the project and we'll be in touch shortly.

Satisfied Companies We've Worked With Include:

Rosemary Villanella, author of Duck and Cover
G. Elizabeth Kretchmer, author of Writing Through the Muck
Irene Kim, author of No Makeup
Anne Smith, author of Getting Old is Not for Sissies