Editing Services

Rabbit & Leo's editing and writing services are backed by our commitment to provide one-on-one consultation and attention for each client. Editing requires understanding a particular scenario and perspective. Our personalized approach to each individual ensures we have a clear path to success.

Rabbit & Leo is able to extend its experience editing fiction and nonfiction manuscripts. Our goal is to deliver your work at its highest level through a guided, consultative approach to achieving your editorial objectives.

Project-Based Editing and Writing

Rabbit & Leo is available for individual projects, short-term partnerships, and long-term or ongoing endeavors. Discover more about our editing and writing services available below.

Writing Tips for Business and Self-Publishing

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Proofreading is often the final step in the editing process. Usually performed on a typeset document ("galley"), a proofread only corrects errors (no editing) and ensures your book is in the best shape before printing.

Copy Editing

A copy edit is a basic form of editing that checks for spelling, grammar, consistency, syntax, and style. Any glaring issues, such as plot holes or major development issues, will be called to the author's attention through comments.

Line Editing

A line edit includes all the elements of the copy edit, but also allows for rewording of awkward sentences and phrases, breaking paragraphs where necessary, and helping with language flow and consistency.

Developmental Editing

Developmental, or substantive, editing is a multi-step process that first helps you to develop your content, calling out areas to expand, delete, or structurally rearrange. The second step is a line edit after you've implemented all changes.

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