Whether you're publishing your first book or your 100th book, we all need someone to offer a true, honest, and thorough critique of our work. After all, it should be the best it can be not only when it comes to the mechanics (spelling, grammar, punctuation), but the content should also intrigue readers. Select from our manuscript services below.

Book Critiques and Evaluations

Manuscript Evaluation: $500 (maximum of 80,000 words)

If you're looking to self-publish your book and need someone to read it to let you know the honest truth about it—strengths, areas for improvement, characterization, plot holes, and pacing, then the Manuscript Evaluation may be what you're looking for as a self-published author. The Manuscript Evaluation includes three to four pages of honest feedback from not just an editor, but also as a reader. This service comes with a 500-word sample edit that includes coaching methods to apply during your revision. We will also recommend and explain the level of editing your work could benefit from, and provide a price quote for editing.

Manuscript Diagnostic Review: $300, no length limit

The Manuscript Review is a shorter version of the Manuscript Evaluation. The Manuscript Review is good for self-published authors to get a shorter, one-page feedback of their material, usually after the editor has read a chapter or two of your book. Included in this is also a 500-word sample edit which includes coaching methods to apply during your revision process. Don't know what kind of edit you need? The Manuscript Review will tell you what level of editing will best suit your work as well as a price quote for editing.

Manuscript Editing

Basic Copyediting: averages $0.01–$0.02/word

A basic edit—or copyedit—focuses mostly on correcting incorrect grammar, spelling, punctuation, and syntax. It checks for inconsistency within the writing, calling it to the writer's attention if it's an in-depth issue.

Line Editing: averages $0.03–$0.04/word

A line edit is a more in-depth edit, which will address the issues looked at in the basic edit, but also adds a level of freedom for the editor to reword awkward phrases, break paragraphs where/if necessary, and also make sure transitions flow easily from paragraph to paragraph, as well as chapter to chapter. This is usually the recommended level of editing if you do not want intensive content revision.

Developmental Editing: averages $0.05–$0.06/word

A developmental edit typically consists of at least two rounds of editing, where the first round is mainly concerned with developing the content. The editor will point out where the story is lacking, where the writer needs to elaborate, and also identify any plot holes or major inconsistencies. The second round, after the writer has made all necessary changes, is a line edit.

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